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​Workspaces is a web application that allows for the collaboration between NEMA staff and members. The sites are security trimmed so that only authenticated, approved users will have access to a section, committee's, etc. documents. It allows you to upload documents, create tasks, plan and schedule meetings, discuss projects, and much more. Below you will find a quick walkthrough of Workspaces’ more prominent features.

For technical assistance, please contact the NEMA Webmaster at or by phone at (703) 841 3255.

Login to Workspaces:

For Existing Account Holders:
Enter your work email address and password in the prompted login screen:

For Users Without a Workspaces Account:
On the login page, click the link to "Create New Account" or go directly to to create a new user account.  Note that when you create your account, you need to use your company email address, which is on file with Nemalink.
 Many workspaces are only available to NEMA members. If you do not see your workspace, or are getting an "Access Denied" error, please contact NEMA for support.

Fill out the form with the necessary personal information. Please ensure that the email address you enter in the field is your main company email address. This email address will be used as your workspaces username.
Click on the Save button when all the required fields have been filled out.

Note: Workspaces will send you an email to verify your account, click on the link that is sent to verify your account. Once that occurs, your workspaces username will be active.
You can access Workspaces at the following link:

Using Workspaces:

On the left-hand side of the workspaces window is the navigation where all the sites that you have access to are displayed, along with all child workspaces. If for some you do not see the workspaces site you need access to, then contact NEMA staff to get the proper access. This may be due to the fact you are not in the nemalink list.
Each workspace, represented by orange icon , contains lists such as Calendar, Shared Documents, Tasks, and Team Discussion.

Clicking on the small plus button next to the site, expands it and shows the sections, committees, etc. (subsites) that you have access to:

Clicking on the Product Section, then takes you to the homepage for that section:

From this page, you can navigate to the different lists that this Product Section has, such as documents, Calendars, Links and tasks. You will find links to these lists on the lower left hand side of the page.

Calendar List:

 You can check any appointments for the month and change the views to daily, weekly or monthly. The calendar works similar to the one in Microsoft Outlook.

Shared Documents

To Download: Just click on the file link and a prompt will show up whether to Save As or open the file. PDFs will open up in a new window, but they can be saved to your local machine.

Uploading multiple documents:

  1. Go to the workspace document library you want to upload files to 
  2. From your desktop drag and drop and the files you want to updload

  3. Click 'Upload Document' and from the dropdown, select 'Upload Multiple Documents'.​
Please note that this will only work if the following requirements are met:
  • You are allowed to add documents to the library
  • You have Office 2003 or greater installed on your computer
  • You are using Internet Explorer 11

Supported Browsers:

NEMA Workspaces works best when using the 32bit version of Internet Explorer 7 or later. Supported browsers with limited functionality included Firefix 3.3, Safari, and Chrome. More information on browser compatability can be found here: